The barns are filled with Straight Egyptians that touch your heart and tug at your soul.  Their beautiful heads, soft muzzles, and large eyes let you see into their souls and guide you into nirvana.  Soft nickers, the sound of munching hay and the occasional squeal welcome you from the fast passed outside world to one of peace and tranquility.   We have horses with kind temperaments, exceptional movement and conformation.  Not only can our horses compete in the halter show arena and win, but come from bloodlines that foster performance.


Based primarily on the Imperial Egyptian Stud bloodlines, we are one of three farms in the world selected to carry on this legacy of such a well-known farm and have added our own flair to produce our ideal arabian.  We boast bloodlines of Imperial Baarez, Imperial Amir Kamar, Imperial Shehaab, Ansata El Ibriz, Ansata Nile Nadir, Mishaal HP and Makhnificent KA.


Eastern Star Arabians welcomes visitors.  We love to show our Arabians and our horses love to show off!

About Our Farm

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